Johanne Teglgård Olsen (f. 1993)
Photographer from Aarhus, Denmark.
Student in Photo journalism at DMJX, Danish School of Media and Journalism (august 2018-)

My life as photographer started  in 2011, working as a concert photographer for  music venues and festivals, documenting the life around the music scene in Aarhus, Denmark. And wherever I travel I document the local art scenes in the cities i visit.

Later on I have started collaborating with artists from all different fields, performance, fine art, installation. Creatively my greatest inspiration is in the meeting with people - and that combined excites me the most. To see the transformation from an idea og story told by another, amplifying it and making the vision become a real product - that’s a moment of pure ecstacy.

I work with both digital and analog photography. My choice of media, light, location and look all depend on the story that is being told.

Photography is all about light and shadows. In the design, the aesthetic, the story. The light and shadow of the world I portray.